Mind the Graph is een online platform waarmee wetenschappers grafisch abstracts and presentatios that are, at the same, beautiful and scientifically accurate. We are scientists as well, and we know our users aren’t designers. Therefore, we want more than provide wetenschappelijk illustrations, we want to help our users in the creative process of making graphical abstracts.

Thinking of that, we produce tutorials weekly. You can find our content on the blog, email and, recently, our youtube channel. We added new video's showing how to create visuele abstracts, presentations and congress posters. The videos are produced by our designers to show how to choose illutrations, colors, typography and organize all the information in a beautiful way. Also, there are tutorials to teach how to enjoy all the benefits of mind the grafiek.

Our goal is to empower scientists and improve communicatie in wetenschap. So, we created the video series for you. By watching the videos and using the platform, you should be able to improve your creations for classes, seminars and wetenschappelijke papers.

Zie hoe je grafische samenvattingen maakt:












If you have any doubt of the creative process to make a grafische samenvatting, you can suggest new videos. We’ll love to hear your feedback! Just write to contact@mindthegraph.com to reach us.


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