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About Mind The Graph!

Revolutionizing scientific communication and empowering
scientists to make science beautiful for every audience.

Our Story

Mind the Graph was created with scientist's needs in mind back in 2016 by the brilliant minds
of Fabricio Pamplona, an entrepreneur and Ph.D. scientist specialist in scientific communication,
and Leonardo Minozzo, an experienced and accomplished designer.

Together they conceived a tool to help scientists, academics and healthcare professionals to
transform their complex scientific content into simple, didactic, and beautiful science figures,
offering a much better alternative to the excessive Google images searches and high-priced
freelance services. The company explored the tendency of using "graphical abstracts" in
scientific publications as a great business opportunity worldwide.

The scientific content is usually complex in itself, so Mind the Graph was created with a
minimalist design essence. The tool combines the essential design features available
in a familiar drag-and-drop interface with a powerful library of science illustrations, currently
the biggest in the world and available in a freemium model for the academic community.

In 2022, Mind the Graph became part of Cactus Communications, a science communication and
technology company. Today, the Mind the Graph team of specialists collaborates with CACTUS's powerful
resources to expand on our mission and support authors in the science communication journey
in a synergistic way with other company brands, such as Editage, Researcher.Life and Impact Science.

Our Mission

Science communication is not a discipline taught in most science-related courses, and very often,
researchers lack design skills or access to professional software. Still, there's a 120% growth in citations
for articles with infographics, meaning they are really powerful in generating buzz around research.

So, how do you create interesting infographics from scratch, without professional resources or design
skills? That's the gap we want to fill in with Mind the Graph: "turn scientists into designers" and
unlock creativity with all visual resources needed for an effective science communication.

Our Values