When we are producing an article, we want it to reach a larger number of people, right? A great way to achieve this is through infographics.

That’s because, when we talk about infographics, we can say about illustrations, graphical abstracts, images and charts too. All of these are mechanisms that help in understanding the content making it more didactic, simple and quick.

Human beings are visual creatures, that is, communicating through images is already natural and understood by everyone. In other words, when we use these tools in our articles, we will have something visually striking and memorable in our research.

We may be talking about biology, medicine or even philosophy, the idea of ​​using infographics in your publications can indeed help in the growth of views of the publication, as well as in the impact of it. See some examples: 


Coronavirus natural hosts power of social distancing infographics


Infographics do not need to contain all the information in your article, but they do need to have the most important points, together with images that make this information more didactic, as you can see in the examples above. In addition, infographics also help with the following:



When we talk about something accessible, we are not only talking about language, but also information that can be easily understood by other people.



Because images are easier to assimilate and understand than text, they also help in the power of convincing, that is, they make the reader understand your points easier.



An infographic helps your research to become more striking, after all, remembering an image, graphic information, ends up being a little easier than remembering a lot of text, isn’t it?


So, as you can see, using infographics, of whatever type, can add a lot to your article! What are you waiting for?! Take all these tips and build yours!

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