The easiest way to build infographics

The easiest way to build infographics

Ok, so you want to build infographics. You already know Mind the Graph. Thus, you already have access to our full illustration library. If you got this far, it means you want to find a way to outstand your research and communicate better your findings, right? So, what is stoping you from doing it?

Many people say that despite all efforts, they don’t manage to build something good enough. From presentations to paper figures, it just feels like the whole thing does not work together.
Well, maybe you are using the wrong tools and it is keeping you from getting the result expected.

If you are familiar with the feeling of not being able to express your research they way you picture, you are going to like this post.easiest way to build infographicsMind the Graph team counts on developers, designers and many other professionals. However, some of us are scientists and we used to know as much as you when it comes to build infographics. Because of this gap, Mind the Graph is and will always be about smoothing the scientific process and empowering scientists. And we do it by listenning and understanding what our users need.

Our users asked for the easiest way to build infographics and we listened to them: templates!

For the past few days we have been adding new templates to our platform so you can speed up the process of communicating your research! All of them are open and can fit the needs of your research.

Here are only a few examples of what you can find at Mind the Graph!

easiest way to build infographics

easiest way to build infographics

easiest way to build infographics

Don’t have time to think about the design or simply feels like this is not what you are good at? Use our templates!

If you have any suggestions of other templates or feels like an infographic you built can help other researchers, contact us!

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Fabricio Pamplona is the founder of Mind the Graph - a tool used by over 400K users in 60 countries. He has a Ph.D. and solid scientific background in Psychopharmacology and experience as a Guest Researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (Germany) and Researcher in D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR, Brazil). Fabricio holds over 2500 citations in Google Scholar. He has 10 years of experience in small innovative businesses, with relevant experience in product design and innovation management. Connect with him on LinkedIn - Fabricio Pamplona.