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A review of the scientific research on Crotoxin, a venom of the rattlesnake

In ‘Immunotherapeutic potential of Crotoxin’, Marco Sartim et al. (2018) noted that for the past 80 years, Crotoxin has become one of the most investigated isolated toxins from snake venoms.

Crotoxin is the main toxic component in the venom of the South American rattlesnake Crotalus durissus terrificus. Studies have shown that C.d.t. immunomodulatory effect is associated with the production of anti-inflammatory mediators.

The capacity of Crotoxin and its subunits to modulate the immune system introduced novel perspectives as potential therapeutic agents.

The researchers reviewed 161 articles.

Check the original article here.

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The author used the Mind the Graph platform to create a schematic figure on circulation, tissue and cellular events modulated by Crotoxin and its subunits during the inflammatory stimulus.

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The author also detailed the blood circulation, lymph node homing of lymphocytes and cellular events associated with the immunosuppressive effects of Crotoxin and its subunits.

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The authors’ conclusions appear to consolidate prior work in this area: “Crotoxin was able to suppress specific anti-HSA IgG1 and IgG2a antibody production from HAS-immunized mice, indicating its capacity to modulate Th1 and Th2 responses,” Sartim claimed.

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We can analyze with Altmetric data that this paper had more citations than 84% of other articles from Springer Nature.

Source Crossref

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