German market and Mind the Graph!

German market and Mind the Graph!

Hallo, wissenschafts liebhaber! This week Mind the Graph is in Germany and a german blog posted about us! We can expect great things from the german market!

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Signaut wrote about the idea behind Mind the Graph and how it connects science and design. In addition, they highlighted that Mind the Graph is exploring a field in the market never explored before:

“Mind the Graph has found an corner that have not yet been addressed by the existing market: scientists, researchers, innovation organizations and universities. Mind the Graph improves studies and results representation in a way to reach specific audiences in a fast track. Thus, using Mind the Graph means to obtain more attention from scientific journals.” Translated from original post.

Starting a new business and finding a way to reach our audience has been challenging. Nevertheless, day by day we are more sure about our role in science communication. Also, we have amazing users interested in getting more visibility to their researches and publishing better papers. On this topic, Signaut also comments on the story of Mind the Graph and how far we have gotten:

“Users of this platform come from excellent universities such as Stanford University, Harvard and the University of London. The infographics made at Mind the Graph can be found in the users’ studies and presentations. One of the most important infographics made using Mind the Graph is about the relationship between Zika virus and microcephaly, available on the Internet.” Translated from original post.

Our CEO, Fabrício Pamplona commented on the german market and its importance to Mind the Graph. We can expect great things from this trip to Germany!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALwAAAAJDhlNzg3ODNkLTEwM2YtNGI1OS1hZDk0LWQ0NTQxOWQ0NjJjNA“Germany has already became an important market for us. Through our business trip we will represent locally the platform and services, explain issues and of course make the brand known” Dr. Fabricio Pamplona


Mind the Graph offers a solution for scientists that struggle with sharing information in a effective way: scientific infographics. Take a look at our platform!

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Fabricio Pamplona is the founder of Mind the Graph - a tool used by over 400K users in 60 countries. He has a Ph.D. and solid scientific background in Psychopharmacology and experience as a Guest Researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (Germany) and Researcher in D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR, Brazil). Fabricio holds over 2500 citations in Google Scholar. He has 10 years of experience in small innovative businesses, with relevant experience in product design and innovation management. Connect with him on LinkedIn - Fabricio Pamplona.