Mind the Graph and LabCollector are finally working together! Now you can have all your infographics made at Mind the Graph available at the LabCollector Eletronic Lab Notebook (ELN).
You don’t remember what the ELN is? Let me refresh your memory:

By using LabCollector, you can have your own Eletronic Lab Notebook (ELN). The ELN allows you to search and document experiments. That means you can manage and follow more efficiently the current projects you have.

So what exactly is the partnership between Mind the Graph and LabCollector?

Well, now you can access your infographics made at Mind the Graph in the toolbar of your ELN. It all works with the Mind the Graph plugin up on the toolbar as shown below:


This plugin aimes to help scientists that are willing to take their research to a new level.

The way we do it is by creating:

  • Diagrams to explain your experiments protocols
  • Conference posters and figures for your work
  • Presentations for your journals clubs and lab meetings
  • A killer graphical abstract for your research paper

And all that with the help of ELN.

No more loosing your files or searching data for hours! With this partnership, you can organize easily all your research material and build your scientific paper. Also, you can share everything with your lab collegues so they can follow your research process – repeat an experiment, revise a paper, add new information in just one place.

If you want to learn a little bit more about the idea behind LabCollector, check out our post “LabCollector will change your research lifestyle“.

There are many scientific tools to improve your research and make your life much easier as a scientist. At Mind the Graph, we will always look for new amazing partners that want to work with us, stay tuned!



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