What if all scientific information in the world could be translated into something easier to comprehend? What if we didn’t have to spend hours reading long texts? Instead, what if we could just take a look at something and learn about a new technique or discover new data?

The world around us spins fast and information is getting produced in the same speed. As incredible as it can be, it is impossible to keep up with.

Even though we struggle trying to learn about everything, we never stop. Not only scientists, but every person has the urge to find out new things and explore the world. Because of that, we get extremely frustrated when we reach a point we cannot pass through. Can you imagine spending your life trying to find answers to your questions and never getting them?

Well, this is pretty much how we live everyday in an ocean of words called scientific papers.

Now what if science could be about communicating findings in a way anyone could understand and learn? Can you imagine a way to make any type of information undestanable despite of language or education level? What if we could have pages of written information zipped in an image? Or a video? Or an infographic?

The idea behind Mind the Graph is a world where we can share scientific content to impact and reach different audiences. More than reach, make scientific information easy to comprehend.
The only problem here is: How many scientists do you know that can transform their researches into something visual?

Not that they don’t want to, but scientific illustrations are hard to find. Not only, scientific platforms don’t include tools for making good figures or infographics. With that in mind, what could possibly help researchers in communicating visually their findings? Well, a designer friend.

you mind we graph

Mind the Graph came up in a way to be the designer friend every researcher needs. This is what “You Mind. We Graph” means. Are you ready to make science different right now?you mind we graph


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