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Getting Started

If you’re looking for an initial Mind the Graph overview, like how to create a free account, change password, cite Mind the Graph in publications and more.

I wanna cite Mind the Graph How can I change my password? How do I delete my account? How do I recover my password? Can I use Mind The Graph for free? Welcome to the Help Center Mind the Graph Overview Can I use Mind the Graph in my publications? How to use Mind The Graph’s scientific illustrations without watermark?

Legal Information

If you’re looking for basic company information like terms of use and privacy or cookies policy.

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How to do stuff

How to do certain things at the platform, like creating slides, changing colors, requesting new illustrations and more.

Uploading Images to the Workspace on Mind the Graph Having Doubts on our Season Break campaign? How to | Change templates on Mind the Graph What is and How to request a Custom Design? Having doubts about our Black November offer? How to change a slide background? How to change the colors of liquids? How to change an artwork style? How to request a custom illustration? How to change an icon’s background? How to change the color of an illustration? How to start creating a slide? How do I “place” a lab animal into an apparatus?

Payment and Billing

Click here for financial information like invoice, credit card and subscription billing information.

How do I cancel my subscription? How do I update my credit card details? How can I access my invoices? How do I upgrade my plan? What’s the difference between the annual and the monthly payments?

Video Tutorials

If you’re a visual learner like us, explore some of our video tutorials that teach you how to make the best out of the platform.

How to | Change the canvas size on a Mind the Graph creation How to | Download an infographic on Mind the Graph How to | Bring elements to front and send to back on Mind the Graph How to | Use different illustration versions on Mind the Graph How to | Change colors of an illustration on Mind the Graph How to | Include arrows and lines on Mind the Graph Tutorial | Create Scientific Posters with Poster Maker on Mind the Graph How to | Use molecules feature on Mind the Graph How to | Add new slides on Mind the Graph

Ebooks and Materials

Check some useful materials we created very carefully to help researchers and scientists.

The ultimate guide to Scientific Infographics Guidelines on Writing a Scientific Paper