How to request a custom illustration?

Didn’t find the icon you want?
No worries! As a subscriber, you can request a custom icon according to your needs 🚀

Just follow the step below:

In the Toolbar of your Workspace, select the option “Request an Icon” (or click this link), in the lower-left corner of the screen 👇


The icon request form will be visible and is very simple to fill. Fields and descriptions are numbered below.

  1. Your name: this field is filled automatically, but you can also change it if necessary.
  2. Suggested name for the icon: preferably the scientific name of the illustration. Example: Streptopelia turtur. If the scientific name is unknown, just fill it with an ordinary name. Example: European turtle dove. Note: the name shall not have acronyms or abbreviations.
  3. Detailed description: This field is about the objectives of your illustration and other details. Example: “the purpose of this icon is to illustrate a study on European birds. The bird must be in a resting position ”.
  4. Reference image: the reference image for the illustration is attached here. The image should be as similar as possible to how your illustration should look like. The reference does not have to be from your database. You can google it and send us! Also, you can attach more than one image. 🙂

After that, just click on “send” and wait for your request to be sent.

All of these fields are very important to us! From them, our illustrators can understand your needs and deliver an icon super aligned with your goals.


When the message above is shown 👆, just close the form on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. mceclip4.png

The request is sent for processing and we’ll keep you informed by email.

Still have doubts?
Get in touch with us through the chat button!