How to start creating a slide?

Our platform is designed so that you can take all the steps, from creation to presentation with us 🎯

  • To use our icons in your creation, just go to your workspace, select a creation or make a new one, access the left toolbar, select “Icons” and search for what you need using keywords, as shown below 👇
  • You can also use one of our Templates 👇
  • To insert a external file or change the background go to “More” 👇
  • To download a Slide, go to the Right side toolbar > Slides. Then select the slide you want and click “Download”. You can choose a PNG, PDF or TIFF file, in a lower or high quality, black and white or a colour version
  • You can also duplicate your slide, send it to another creation, add a new slide or use it in presentation mode. 👆

Also, our video tutorials and articles will help you get started 🎯

Still have doubts?
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