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Are you looking for an infographic template? Mind the Graph is an online platform to create scientific infographic, presentations and visual abstracts. We offer editable infographic templates to our users, so they don’t need start from a blank canvas. Here you can see infographic templates for free, click on the image preview to more details.

Why use a scientific infographic?

One way to improve

your communication in science is to use creative infographics and presentations, to catch up the attention from your audience. Especially for life and health sciences, scientific infographic have been a great way to communicate new findings and relevant information.

Around the world,

many journals are already adapting their content to this new graphical abstract format. Instead of having Google Images or pictures to represent researches, scientific illustration are taking place and building up self-explanatory diagrams.

With all technology

and improve on communications media, science would be more visual and reach more people in the near future. Don’t miss this!

How to improve your scientific poster

In a scientific congress is important to reach your audience and communicate well.
Know how present your data is indispensable to attract attention to your research. So, guess what? You can find templates for scientific posters and tips to organize and present your data clearly to the readers.

Mind the Graph Science Infographic Creator

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We know that the scientist life isn’t easy and time is precious, so our goal is simply to improve science communication and stop the time wasting of searching for illustrations.

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Mind the Graph users can start their creations from editable infographic templates and suggest new illustrations and infographic layouts.

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If you are a Mind the Graph user, choose your infographic template from our gallery to edit any way you want. And, if you still don’t have a Mind the Graph subscription, you can start now!

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Tips to edit your infographic design:

An infographic is self-explanatory. So, don’t forget that making an infographic means trying to communicate and it should be simple for the reader. Keep in mind:

What story do you want to tell

What is the most important information

And how to highlight it

We make infographics templates with several sizes, designs and color palette. Navigate to our gallery and select the best for you show your work!

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And always looking for increase our illustration library. As for the price, with a low investment you can finally present your research in an simple and beautiful way.

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