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Use up to 10 Scientific Illustrations

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  • High-resolution exports in PNG, PDF, and TIFF format
  • Restore deleted files

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  • Request new Template styles
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Unlimited Scientific Illustrations

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6 different illustration versions

50 illustration request per month

All in Researcher, plus:

  • Up to 10 simultaneous Users
  • Share content amongst team members
  • Free personalized Template for your Brand
  • Exclusive on-demand illustrations with 100% confidentiality
  • Support with design of Slides
  • Infographic creation by our team at discounted prices
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For as long as you want, Mind the Graph is freemium. No credit card information is required. However, keep in mind that the Starter plan is a way to get to know the platform, informal communication with your peers, or educational environments.

As a free user, you must keep Mind the Graph's watermark in all cases and cite the platform at formal communications, publications, lectures, and presentations.

To use the platform without watermarks, get more creations and Creative Commons licenses for them, upgrade your plan here.

As an annual subscriber, you get up to 50% off (almost 6 months for free!). Just a one-time fee for the entire year, renewed every 12 months.

As a monthly subscriber, payments are done every month, with automatic renewal by default. However, you can cancel at any time and it won't cost you any extra fees.

Yes. Upon cancellation, you will still be able to use Mind the Graph's platform as a paid subscriber - until the end of your previously subscribed period*.

After it expires, your plan will be downgraded to Starter, and all your new creations must respect the free accounts license. Your prior creations will be blocked, but we'll keep them safe in case you ever want to come back as a paid subscriber.

*Except for Paypal payments, in which the subscription cancels immediately.

Extra features and resources! All paid plans offer unwatermarked icons and Creative Commons licenses for your creations. Also, you'll have access to premium customer support, requests for personalized illustrations, restoring deleted files, unlimited high-resolution exports in PNG, PDF, and TIFF formats, and more. Don't forget to compare the plans above!

Sure! You can use Mind the Graph for graphical abstracts, scientific papers, presentations, classes, books, lectures, blogs, social media, and so on. However, keep in mind that free users must keep the watermark and cite Mind the Graph as the visual content resource. Paid subscribers don't need to cite Mind the Graph (but we'll be happy if you do!).

Just subscribe. All paid plans don't require the use of Mind the Graph's watermark. You can check them all above.

The contents stored and created with mindthegraph.com are available under a free culture Creative Commons license.

Free users can publicly the infographics created at Mind the Graph's platform and use the illustrations available on the website. However, you must cite Mind the Graph, and the use of watermarks is mandatory.

Premium subscribers are entitled to full rights to their creations and are recognized as authors, keeping its rights and ability to transfer authorial rights to third-party publishers without previous consult to Mind the Graph. So, if you're a paid subscriber, you don't need to attribute credits to Mind the Graph (but we'll be happy if you do!).

The Teams & Labs plan is designed for academic and industry teams with a need for advanced and personalized resources. It has a limit of up to 11 users (which makes it cheaper than individual subscriptions), dedicated customer support, team collaboration, multiple simultaneous users, assistance from our design team for templates, slides presentations, brand patterns, discounts for graphical abstracts, and the possibility of confidentiality for on-demand illustrations. Not sure if that's what you need? Let us know and we'll be happy to help you.

As Mind the Graph is a platform built to help scientists increase their impact and spread visual communication across scientific and educational environments, many universities provide financial assistance or reimbursement for our subscriptions. You must check with your lab head, professor, or director about the availability.

If you ever need to download your invoices for any purpose (including reimbursement), you can easily access them through your profile page. Check the tutorial here.

Mind the Graph is the world's largest scientifically accurate illustrations gallery.

However, if you can't find an illustration that fits your needs, request it for free (if you're a paid subscriber). Check how to do it here.