Having doubts about our Black November offer?

Learn everything you need about Black November 2022 Campaign on Mind the Graph and check out the answers to most frequently asked questions about the offer. 

black november campaign
black november campaign

Black November 2022 is a very special campaign we prepared to make Black Friday last an entire month, but not just that, we also made a huge effort to bring an unbelievable discount opportunity for all scientists and researchers to boost their work: 95% OFF on our best subscription, the Researcher Monthly Subscription. That’s right, a subscription that costs 19 USD a month is now costing just 1 USD for the first month. 

Researcher Subscription

It is simply our best package for individual researchers and academics available on our platform, it combines all our best benefits together: 

  • Unlimited Scientific Illustrations
  • Unlimited Creations
  • Unlimited External File Upload
  • Unlimited start-from Templates
  • 6 different illustration versions
  • 5 illustration request per month (You request, we design for you)
  • Request new Template styles
  • Slides and Presentations feature
  • Tips and support from our Design and Infographic team
  • Priority Customer Support

How the subscription works

It is quite simple, your subscription will cost just 1 USD for the entire month, beginning from the date you’ve subscribed. After your first month is completed and you feel the impact of having quality illustration in your author career, you can just keep your subscription going at our standard price, which is still the cheapest on the market, only 19 USD a month. 

You can even reduce the cost of your subscription after your first month by working along our Referral Program, which gives you progressive discounts based on small referral activities to bring your colleagues and more scientists to the light of infographics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mind the Graph a trustworthy company?

We are humans just like you, don’t hesitate to meet our values and team members on a special page we made for you to get to know us better, the About Us page. Also, we gather all our feedbacks and nourish automatically this really cool mural where you can check what every user is talking about us. At last, we are a Cactus Communications (CACTUS) brand, a technology company accelerating scientific advancement with over 2,500 experts working for more than 874,000 clients in 191 countries that has 8 different products so far to help scientists perform at its best. 

Is the subscription still active after a month?

Yes, after signing up on Black November 2022 offer, your subscription will be continually active automatically, you can drop out at any moment accessing your profile details at Mind the Graph.

How can I request an illustration?

Once you signup on Black November 2022 campaign, you become a Researcher subscriber and can request up to 5 custom made illustrations for our team every month, that’s 60 illustration a year made just for you by a senior team of illustrators. To submit your request is very simple, just follow these steps.