During the final materials stage of your paper, most Cell Press journals will ask for a Graphical Abstract. This can be a barrier if you are a scientist, not a designer. It is not easy to find beautiful and scientifically accurate illustrations of cell signaling pathways.  But, if you are a Mind the Graph user, don’t worry, we have specific categories of cell membranes, biomolecules and biochemistry. This way, you can create your graphical abstract or presentation easily.

Annemarie Tompsen wrote a great article of graphical abstracts in Cell Press journals. According to the author:

A single‐panel image, the Graphical Abstract is designed to give readers an immediate look at the main findings of your paper. When there are dozens of papers for readers to choose from, this visual component attracts an audience to your paper faster than a written abstract can. This image must be concise and easy to read. So that readers can absorb the core message of your paper with just a glance.


Using cell membranes to show cell signaling


You can use a cell membrane illustration to create a cell background, then you can add all the channels, receptors and molecules to your creation.

We’ve made a video tutorial to help you create your graphical abstract of cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry:



Cell membranes illustrations are important to create a graphical abstract of cell signaling. In our platform you find several styles and formats of cell membranes. Just choose your favorite and start your creation.


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Besides that, if you are a subscriber, you don’t need start from a white canvas, if you don’t want to. We have graphical abstracts templates of cell and molecular biology. Just look and choose your favorite.


 If you aren’t a Mind the Graph user, you can start today for free. If you already is a free user and wants an unlimited account, we have special prices for you.







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