There is no magic formula that makes us super healthy! However, there are several habits that can help us increase our immunity and thus keep us safer in times of Covid19 pandemic.

So, we have separated 5 tips, according to WHO, that can help to improve your immune system:


Regardless of whether you sleep six, eight or even ten hours a day, the quality of your sleep is critical to your health. If you don’t sleep well, your body doesn’t rest and can’t recover for the next day. Therefore, be aware of symptoms such as: insomnia, tiredness in the morning and non-continuous sleep, these are signs that you should see a doctor.



This topic is and will always be a combo, to keep us healthy, a balanced diet together with a constant physical exercise routine (without exaggeration) help us in our daily lives.



According to the WHO, alcohol consumption, especially now during the pandemic, can damage your health. As much as we are facing global social isolation, we should not think that it is okay to drink in large quantities, not only for physical health, but also not to turn alcohol into an outlet for the stress we are experiencing right now.



Vaccines are essential for our body. We don’t have all the necessary immunity, so having the vaccines up to date is important to prevent other types of illness. Consult your doctor to see what he recommends for you at that time.



Mental health influences our physical health a lot too! Especially now, during the pandemic, cases of stress, anxiety and depression have gradually increased around the world. So it is important to be attentive and ask for professional help if necessary. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help!

Tips to boost your immunity


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