Considering the amount of new researches published everyday, it is quite difficult to find relevant studies every time we need them. However, technology is here to help. The first step is to somehow use technology to organize the content available.

Signing up to receive emails about new researches, or journal newsletters may help. But if you want to have a better control on relevant studies available online, there are a couple tools very useful available.

Scholar Google alert for relevant studies

One of the best scientific tools is Scholar Google. Not only it helps us to find the scientific papers we are looking for, but also Scholar Google has a set of options to optimize this search.

Tips to get updated on relevant studies

To start, we have the alert option. Using the alert, you will be notified every time a research of your interest is published. You can set the alerts to work by keywords, but make sure you picked intelligent words. Google usually works with words from titles and abstracts, so thinking about characteristic words of your studying field is a good way to start.

Tips to get updated on relevant studies

Follow the authors you want

Scholar Google also gives you the option to follow the authors you find interesting. New papers or citations, you can get updated on everything about the author of your choice. However, make sure the author profile exists on Google Scholar – this is the only defect of this tool.

Tips to get updated on relevant studies

Tips to get updated on relevant studies

Other websites and social media

Apart from Scholar Google, many other websites are popping out. For a more informal way to follow the updates on your favourite researcher work, Twitter seems to be a great tool. Now, if you are searching for a more professional catch, ResearchGate is quite a reference.

Many other platforms can help you get updated. Here is a list of other options:

  • ReadCube, Mendeley: reference management
  • PubChase: Recommends papers based on users with similar interests
  • Sparrho: User builds their own recommendation system
  • Faculty of 1000 Prime: Alerts about biomedical paper based on many senior scientists classification
  • Nowomics: Platform in which you can follow biology keywords and relevant content
  • Scizzle: Automatization of research in PubMed with keywords and filters while users save relevant papers

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Tips to get updated on relevant studies


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