Breaking news: during the month of August, Mind the Graph went on a mission to South Korea! Together with other representants of Anprotec, Sebrae and Samsung Electronics, we were part of an initiative to promote brazillian startups and receive a South Korean mentorship.

It all started by the end of 2015 when we participated to the Samsung acceleration program. Between 100 startups, Samsung selected only 8, and we were one of them! After the first semester of this year, Mind the Graph and only one other startup were selected to go to South Korea.

Mind the Graph all the way to South Korea!

We had the opportunity to meet the brazilian Embassador in South Korea and listen about trends in their culture and economy. In addition, we received a special training from Young Wook, senior researcher in the Creative Korea Town; and watched a talk on the Korean Venture Business Association – that since 1995 helps korean companies to reach innovation and improve competitiveness in the market.

Mind the Graph all the way to South Korea!

During 15 days we had many technical visits in innovation environments together with korean mentors; and access to korean investors and globalization programs. It may sound like this trip was a piece of cake, but we had a lot of work!

We made several Pitches about Mind the Graph to a highly qualified audience that could vote for their favourite startup. The Pitch contest reached the four best startups – Mind the Graph included – and we stood out one more time! The contest ended up with Mind the Graph as the winner!! The decision of who would win was made by directors, researchers and mentors from korean private institutions. How amazing is that?

Mind the Graph all the way to South Korea!

The whole experience was meant to accelerate startups and instigate new ideas. Our team came back with mind-blowing changes to implement. So stay tuned!

And of course, we had to taste the culture of South Korea and share it with our readers! Here is a little taste of what this trip to the other side of the world has given us!

Mind the Graph all the way to South Korea!



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