So March 3rd is Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday! Websites, blogs, social media channels in general are crazy about it and can’t stop making very creative contents.

Thus, to celebrate this day, we at Mind the Graph decided to make a combo of what we think are some of the coolest contents about this day.

Let’s begin!

The Hottest New π’s to Celebrate for Pi Day

Scientific American is about actually learning something at Pi Day. What if you could celebrate Pi Day any day in March? Well, apparently you can but it won’t be Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday.

Happy Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday, nerd fellas!

It’s Pi Day again! I used to feel a profound disconnect with this holiday, but over the years since I started writing about math, I’ve grudgingly started to appreciate it as an opportunity to learn or write about math I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m sure you can find a pie to eat or a digit reciting contest to partake in, but I think a better way to celebrate the circle constant is by learning something new.” Evelyn Lamb


Things to help you celebrate Pi Day

Popular Science came up with a new hashtag to celebrate Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday: #PeinsteinDay. And then made a list of pretty cool things to help you celebrate!

Happy Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday, nerd fellas!

“Today, friends, is Pi Day. It’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday. It is, by all accounts, a great day to be a nerd.”  Billy Cadden


Pi Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

If you are feeling a bit lost and don’t understand what Pi Day and Einstein birthday have to do with each other, Heavy website can give you a hand.

Happy Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday, nerd fellas!

“Today is Pi Day! No, it’s not a day to celebrate pies. You already missed National Pie Day on January 23. March 14, 2017 is a holiday to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi, represented by the Greek letter π. The first three digits are 3.14, just like today’s date.” Daniel S. Levine


Happy Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday, mind the graphers!

Happy Pi Day plus Einstein’s birthday, nerd fellas!


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