Science works together with many other fields – as it should always be! Today we collected for you the best of science online in three different fields: art, technology and communication.
Why? Because we believe we need to think about science in a different way. And by different we mean something very simple: we need to start thinking about science in the way non-scientists will get interest in it.

We, scientists, do not work for our purposes only. We work for our society and to understand the universe around us. So, why should we keep our findings to ourselves?
You may think it is silly, but these examples here are very creative ways to approach more people.

And that’s the only reason why these examples are out Top 3 best of science online!

Human After All

Do you spend any time of the day thinking about what your body is made of? I bet the first thing that comes to mind is bones or a skeleton. Correct, but what else? The photographer Jan Kriwol and the digital artist Markos Kay thought about something else: the circulatory system. Click on the picture below to see their full work.

Top 3: the best of science online

360º National Geographic

Documentaries are awesome, yes. Now what about taking them to a whole new level? The National Geographic is producing many 360º videos on YouTube to provide a different experience to us – documentary lovers. Here is one of my favorites.

Top 3: the best of science online

SciBabe: good science and a bit of humor

No, science is not something boring. Actually, some scientists are online to prove it. SciBabe is everything but lame. With accurate science facts and acid jokes, anyone can learn cool things from Yvette d’Entremont, B.A. in theater, B.S. in chemistry, and masters degree in forensic science focused on biological criminalistics

Top 3: the best of science online


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