Top 5 of the week: Science humor

Top 5 of the week: Science humor

It’s friday and we deserve a little break. I know, many scientists work and write on weekends. But, before thinking about all the accumulated work for the weekend, let’s take 5 minutes. I really like scientific humor and comic books, so, I will share my top 5 pills of science humor this week:


  1. Are molecular biologists bad people?

I don’t think so, but better be careful with what you talk about at the lab. There is always someone hearing you.


  1. Viruses can not be shy



  1. Better than Las Vegas to keep the spirit of adventure and secrets. Or maybe not.

 What happens in a black hole, stays in a black hole


  1. Who are you in science?


  1. Finally, Real Pokemongiphy (8)


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