In movies, sharks are usually fearless predators, flesh-hungry monsters. But, in real life they are really important to maintain the marine ecosystem.

Without sharks, entire ecosystems can collapse, changing the structure of ocean food webs and threatening our food supply.

In fact, sharks have more reasons to fear us than the opposite and the numbers are not optimistic at all. 

Due to overfishing, humans kill nearly 100 million sharks every year – an average of 11,000 sharks per hour and 30% of shark species are now in danger of extinction.

I hope that this day will help us to remember the importance of environmental awareness and sustainability.

Also, it’s important to reach more people, beyond the scientific community, to this cause and have a communication more efficient in science.  

So, to mark this day, I made a list of amazing photos and videos of sharks. Enjoy it!

1. The great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran)


2. And a lot of great hammerhead


3. This perfect timed photo








4. This infographic about shark teeth


5. This awesome National Geographic video:


6. A little bit of humor: This shark is having a hard time

Bonus: If you think sharks are amazing too, don’t miss this buzzfeed list of 23 Dangerously Adorable Things For Anyone Who Loves Sharks:


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