#21 New scientific and medical illustrations available

#21 New scientific and medical illustrations available

Friday is the day we show off our new scientific and medical illustrations. We already have over eight thousands illustrations in our library that are available to all mind the graph users (free users included). With these illustrations you can create graphical abstracts, infographics, papers, posters, classes and anything you want. So, if you are a mind the graph user, don’t forget to check the news every week on our blog or platform. But, if you never tried Mind the Graph, you can start now for free.

mind the graph scientific illustrations

So, let’s see the new medical illustrations


Human heart with pericardium

heart pericardium

Human emotions and symptoms

human emoctions



autophagy medical illustrations mind the graph


Kidneys from different animal species 

bovine animal kidney


Corneal layers and placenta layers

corneal layers

Can I use Mind the graph illustrations in my publications?

Yes. You can use Mind the Graph for free to access thousands of scientific illustrations. Moreover, you can use the free plan as long as you want. But the free plan hasn’t unlimited features and as a free user you must cite Mind the Graph and keep the watermark. You don’t need to do that if you are a subscriber.

Also, most of our illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers. So, if you miss any illustrations you can request it at no extra cost. Amazing, right? The premium plan has unlimited features. So, if you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can start today:


Mind the Graph Demo 4

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