How do you present surgical procedures in your classes and presentations? It is not always easy to catch attention from our students and give an interesting and informative class. Visual content is a great tool to help in this process. You need to create attractive slides that highlight the main information and catch the attention from your audience. However, it’s hardy to find good images to explain the scientific and medical procedures. Even more, sometimes you need to show harsh procedures like surgeries. In these cases, real images with a lot of blood and sectioned bodies can confuse the audience. So you can use medical illustrations to smooth the impact of such scenes and explain better the procedure details.

Attrative illustrations are eye-catching and easier to understand at first sight.

For example, look at these templates that show injection techniques and how to do the surgeon knot procedure:



All these templates are available on Mind the Graph, an online platform that allows doctors and scientists improve scientific communication and create great scientific posters. We have a library with thousands of medical illustrations, so you can create your presentations for classes using accurate and attractive illustrations.

I need to show a specific surgical procedure, so how can I get the medical illustrations I need?

Just ask! Most of our illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers. If you are a mind the graph subscriber, write to us and send an image for reference (it can be a free-hand sketch) and we will do it for you.

Look at these templates of medical procedures:




If you aren’t a mind the graph user yet and want to improve your classes, start now using mind the graph:



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