#27 Pediatrics illustrations and more: The best medical illustrations

#27 Pediatrics illustrations and more: The best medical illustrations

Hi there! Friday is the day to show off the best of our week. As you may know, we add new medical and scientific illustrations every week on Mind the Graph. Therefore we have the largest library of scientific illustrations, with more than eight thousands of them available to all mind the graph users (including the free users).  This week we added several new illustrations on pediatrics and human anatomy.

Most of our new illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers. So, if you are a subscriber and didn’t find the image you need, just request it and we’ll do it in a few days.

New illustrations of Pediatrics 

Baby head

Officialy the cutest illustrations of the week:


Immature brain

The developing immature brain is not simply a small adult brain but rather possesses unique physiological properties. These include neuronal ionic currents that differ markedly from those in the adult brain, typically being longer-lasting and less selective (Reference).

These three types of brain cut are now available for you:



Brain cut to show hemorrhage

Besides healthy brain, we also added illustrations to explain damage and hemorrhage in immature brains:


These are our newest illustrations of pediatrics, but we already have an entire library with other thousands illustrations. You can check them by creating a free account on our platform.


mind the graph scientific illustrations


Can I use these illustrations on my publications?

Yes. Mind the graph is an online DIY platform to allow scientists create their own graphical abstracts, presentations and infographics. In fact, we have the largest library of scientific illustrations online. To begin with, you can create a free account and start creating you own images. So you can use mind the graph to choose the best scientific illustrations for you and combine them in your graphical abstract.  You can stay as a free user as long as you want. However if you want to have access to all features you can upgrade to an unlimited account.

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