One of the biggest fears in the academic world is doing a presentation. Maybe you won’t skip a oral presentation but you can skip a poster presentation.
And here is why:

Posters are a showcase of your work. If you show something boring or useless, people will dismiss it at first glance; if you show something fresh and relevant, people will start asking questions and try to learn more about it.scientific illustrationI know it crossed your mind, but no, you don’t want to showcase your work poorly just so you skip some questions.
What you do is simple: make your poster self-explanatory.

How? Put a scientific illustration on it!

Good examples of scientific illustration are infographics. They are smart, beautiful and self-explanatory. The better job you do, the faster people will understand what your research is about.
If you are a little insecure about your poster presentation, this is the perfect solution for you!

Making your poster self-explanatory means you will stand out from the crowd and make a great impression to everybody. Plus, you won’t have to answer many questions.

scientific illustration

Think this way:
How much information do you really take in from a sea of posters during a conference? Which ones do you remember? The one with a lot of text or with an awesome scientific illustration?
If our memories are more visual than anything, how come you don’t use images to present your work?

When you empower people to think and understand by themselves, you make information accessible. Which means people will have half the work than asking for your explanation to comprehend what your research is about.

Making information accessible means to simplify and transmit only relevant aspects. That’s exactly what a scientific illustration does.

Feeling ready to take your posters to another level with an amazing scientific illustration?


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