Have you ever heard about LabCollector? LabCollector can make your life much easier as a researcher, change your researcher lifestyle, and take your lab notes and documents to the next level! 

Unleash the power of scientific posters with LabCollector and Mind the Graph!

Any researcher knows how messy our computer can get with all data and sketches we stack up. You may be a very organized researcher, but not everyone is.

This “little” mess is so common that we are kind of used to waste our time with all this data mess. We never stop to think about how life would be easier with the right tool to organize things.

And that’s when the LabCollector gets in!

About LabCollector

LabCollector is an all-in-one lab management platform that gives you a readily available inventory to share with anyone. And all information is searchable and easy to print or export. This tool will turn communication and collaboration among your labmates even better, plus you all will spend less time on routine tasks and more time on science.

Furthermore, by using LabCollector, you can have your own Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).

The Lab Collector Electronic Lab Notebook, or ELN, allows you to search and document experiments so that lab heads can manage and follow more efficiently the current projects in the lab, which are accessible online and shared among colleagues.

You will be able to annotate your experiments and build a collaborative network of shared resources, such as experiments, protocols, reagents & supplies, cell lines, primers, etc. With LabCollector, you can connect your samples, reagents, cell lines, primers in their experimental context using ELN. 

What a dream tool, uh? And, that’s not even the best part!

Mind the Graph and LabCollector partnership has evolved!

LabCollector users already have access to Mind the Graph’s platform inside LabCollector workspace, but now, they can also access and use the tool Poster Maker directly from Lab Collector Electronic Lab Notebook!

Poster Maker page
Click on the image to access the tool Poster Maker.

Mind the Graph new tool, Poster Maker

The Poster Maker is a new tool created by Mind the Graph’s team, with the intent of helping scientists to create beautiful scientific posters with no effort. 

Designed to grab information directly from your published paper and create the right layout for your poster based on your paper content, this new tool technology will select the textual content. Still, it will also organize text and images and fill everything into a beautiful layout, saving your time.

To learn more, check these other blog posts!

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You will find everything you need to know about the Poster Maker.

With all these amazing tools, LabCollector and Poster Maker, for sure, you are going to be able to create:

  • Graphs to explain your experiments protocols
  • Scientific posters and science figures for your research work
  • Slides presentations 
  • Graphical abstracts for your research paper
  • much more.

As decisions are taken based on lab information, having an organized and reliable system to serve as your lab information repository is important for your daily decisions. This can have a huge impact on your research work, for good! 

LabCollector and Mind the Graph together are all about making your life easier and better. What about starting your LabCollector experience right now? 

Click HERE to go to the LabCollector website. 

At Mind the Graph, we are always looking for new and innovative solutions, and new amazing partnerships are a great way to accomplish that!

New partnerships are coming. Stay tuned!


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