We are here today to present to you Mind the Graph’s latest launch. A new technology that will change forever the history of scientific posters, the Poster Maker.

What started with an idea on paper came out as an amazing technology that will help a lot of people.

So, after a long time of hard work, let us introduce you to this new tool!

What is it?

The Poster Maker is a new tool created by Mind the Graph’s team, with the intent of helping scientists to create beautiful scientific posters, just like award-winning scientific posters, with no effort.

The tool is designed to grab information directly from your published paper and create the right layout for your poster based on your paper content.

Not only the technology will select the textual content, but it will also organize text and images and fill everything into a beautiful layout, saving your time. 

You can insert external images along the process, and edit your final poster. In addition, you can also add illustrations from the Mind the Graph gallery

Plus, you do not need to be a subscriber to use the Poster Maker, the tool is completely free of charge. 

Scientific poster created using the tool Poster Maker.
Scientific poster created using the tool Poster Maker. The article is here.

The Inspiration

Have you ever stayed up late at night trying to make your scientific poster?

Does it take you hours to format your poster? 

Do you have the feeling of changing endlessly the text, the content, and images, in an attempt to get not only what you need but a beautiful work? 

Full of work, lab experiments, papers to read, meetings, classes, topics to study. “When am I going to make this poster?” 

If you already had to make a poster and found yourself in one of these situations, you know how frustrating and hard is to get the work done. 

We know how difficult it can be to put together a poster without any design skills. We all have been through that. 

Discover and learn how to create a poster is something that can take a lot of effort and time, especially if you are working on your first poster ever.

Additionally, the pressure of tight deadlines makes it even more difficult. 

All of those reasons are why Mind the Graph’s team of experts came with this idea. 

The Poster Maker subverted the template experience so that you won’t need to start from a blank list. Easy to learn, easy to make. With just a few clicks you can download your poster. 

And the best part is that you get to use captivating visuals, chats, and illustrations, from Mind the Graph gallery bringing life to your paper. 

People will remember your work, for sure. 

Scientific poster created using the tool Poster Maker.
Scientific poster created using the tool Poster Maker. The article is here.

How does it work?

Check out in simple steps how the poster maker works.

After choosing the paper you have two options, you can either upload the PDF from your computer or grab it directly from the web using the URL.

The Poster Maker technology will read your material and fill in automatically all information. Any information you may need to add, such as more authors, you can edit.  At least one email address is required. 

Along the creation process, you can change any information in the header and inside each section.

In each section, you can add images manually uploading from your computer. 

The up and down arrows allow you to change the section’s order.

Regarding references, you can exclude or include more references. Remember to delete the extra whitespaces. 

In the next step, you can add scientific illustrations from Mind the Graph to your poster!

After choosing the right category related, choose the illustration and the section of your poster you would like to add it.

Finally, after the magic is done, your poster is ready to blow people’s minds! 

Now you have a perfect-looking poster in a matter of minutes without any design skills.  

Check out below a poster created using Poster Maker.

Scientific poster created using the tool Poster Maker.
Scientific poster created using the tool Poster Maker. The article is here.

YouTube Tutorial

You can also check our tutorial video below on YouTube. 


That’s all, science people! We hope this new tool not only helps you to create a beautiful scientific poster, but also helps you to decrease your anxiety-related of creating a poster, saving time, and making people recall your work after presenting. 

Let’s start right now!

Click HERE to start using the Poster Maker.


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