What if I tell you there is a tool called LabCollector that can make your life much easier as a researcher? Would you believe me? If you are interested but needs a little more information about this tool, read this out:

Any researcher knows how messy our computer can get with all data and sketches we stack up. You may be a very organized researcher but I believe most of us isn’t.

LabCollector will change your researcher lifestyle

Not only, how many computers do we use to get all data we need? Probably the lab computer, the library computer and ours. We are lucky we have pendrives and external HDs.

Getting a little bit more chaotic, sometimes we enter a wave of bad luck and our computer breaks downs, right? Imagine losing everything we manage to collect for our research…

The life of a researcher is very unstable. There are way too many variables that can get in the way of us finishing our research. Not only, we constantly need to share the data we have with our coauthors, advisor and so on.

We are so used to waste our time with all this data mess that we never stop to think about how life would be easier with the right tool to organize things.

Well, some people took a break and thought about it. Those people created a tool called LabCollector.

“LabCollector is an all-in-one lab management platform, giving you the best quality/price ratio on the market.”

The idea behind LabCollector is to provide a readily available inventory to anyone in your lab. The information is searchable and easy to print or export. Thus, you can communicate and collaborate with your team, spending less time in routine tasks and spending more time on science.

LabCollector will change your researcher lifestyle

New ideas on how to improve the life of a researcher and science itself have been popping up lately. Other examples are Overleaf, External Diffusion, preprint platforms and, of course, Mind the Graph.

Did you get excited to know about LabCollector? So, embrace yourself because a partnership between Mind the Graph and LabCollector is happening! Now you can take advantage of the beautiful infographics you created at Mind The Graph by using Lab Collector Electronic Lab Notebook!


LabCollector will change your researcher lifestyle

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), allows you to search and document experiments. In this way, lab heads can manage and follow more efficiently the current projects in the lab, which are accessible online and shared among colleagues. Not only you annotate your experiments, but also you build a collaborative network of shared resources (sharing experiments, protocols, reagents & supplies, cell lines, primers, etc.) and with the LabCollector inventory you can connect your samples, reagents, cell lines, primers in their experimental context with the ELN.

So no more search or loose excel files, you can easily know where they are and you can find and repeat an experiment, for example for a paper revision or for another project.

As decisions taken are based on lab information, hence having a reliable system to serve as your lab information repository can enable you to make better and faster decisions, and together with the Mind The Graph infographics you can deliver powerful visual resume for your collaborators and for yourself about your experiment and its impact.

Ready to start this experience?LabCollector will change your researcher lifestyle


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