One of the most trending words nowadays in”interdisciplinarity”. The faster the world spins, the more you need to learn and link a variety of information together. With this, new studying fields are rising and, of course, future careers too.

As for science we can think of at least one new link: scientific information and communication. This link is leading to the future careers in Science.

Some scientists are already switching their days inside a lab to a more creative life style.

Future careers in Science
Gil Costa

Gil Costa is graduated in Biology, PhD in Neurosciences and works as a Science Communication designer. Currently, Gil is responsible for the design of the Research Communication developed at the Champalimaud Foundation, in which he takes care of all graphics and design for scientific papers. His challenge is to transmit scientific knowledge and help communication between researchers.

As a Science Communication designer, Gil helps scientists in extracting the data from their conclusions and transform it in a figure. Gil says he needs to do a little research by himself, keep updated and look for references in order to understand properly what the researchers aim for when they are working together. On top of that, he must be vary creative and open to feedbacks in order to deliver the best art piece.

Many scientists already understood the need of working with science communication. Like Gil, any scientist who is interested in exploring new fields is able to try a new career.

If you are still trying to figure out how science communicatio works, read these:

At Mind the Graph we also are combining science and communication. It is important that scientists have autonomy in doing so, since we are the best people to translate our research in an figure or graphics.

What are you waiting? Take the first step and go for one of the future careers in Science.

Future careers in Science


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