Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a technology company accelerating scientific advancement, announced today its acquisition of Mind the Graph, a SaaS platform with the “world’s largest scientifically-accurate illustrations gallery.” This technology acquisition will enable CACTUS to provide automated, DIY science figures and AI-powered scientific communication solutions to the researcher community, academic publishers, and the life sciences industry. 

This acquisition will bring direct focus onto CACTUS’s business division, namely, its brand Impact Science, which offers solutions for science dissemination and research engagement with peers, the public, and policymakers. This strategic investment will help Impact Science scale up faster by providing an automated DIY solution that can help customers create accurate scientific figures and improve the reach of their research. 

“I am excited about this acquisition as it perfectly aligns with CACTUS’s vision of enabling scientific advancement through technology. With so many research papers being published every year, it has become more difficult to catch the attention of the reader. Researchers need to curate content in alternate forms of scientific communication (e.g., posters, infographics, graphical abstracts) that are more engaging and can create long-lasting impact. We believe this acquisition will help us satisfy the changing nature of customer demands through the AI-powered solutions of Mind the Graph. Further, this will enable us to provide product offerings that complement our service offerings. We will continue these strategic acquisitions to scale up our technology offerings to adequately meet the needs of global customers across academia and the life science industry,” said Abhishek Goel, CEO & Co-founder, CACTUS

Founded in 2016 by a pharmacology researcher and a designer, the technology venture became the leading infographics platform for scientific communication in less than seven years. Fabricio Pamplona, Co-founder, Mind the Graph, commented, “This partnership will help Mind the Graph grow faster and reach a much larger set of customers as it will benefit from CACTUS’s understanding of the industry and its significant presence across multiple geographies.”

Nishchay Shah, CTO, CACTUS, a key driver of CACTUS’s technology vision, whose team is responsible for overseeing the technical integration of the newly acquired platform’s team and offerings with CACTUS’s existing tech offerings, said, “Mind the Graph’s products and technologies fit well with our vision of empowering the industry with AI-powered products. We are excited to build on the existing AI solutions further to provide the best value to our customers globally.”

CACTUS is determined to scale up its technology offerings to service the global researcher community, academic publishers, and the life science industry. Another recent technology-driven step taken by CACTUS is the acquisition of UNSILO, a Denmark-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) company that specializes in text analytics, linguistics, and data science. CACTUS has also invested in Scholarcy, a technology company applying machine learning to extract structured data and knowledge summaries from scholarly content. In addition, CACTUS has a sizable stake in Kudos, an award-winning AI analytics powered networking and communications tracking platform for accelerating research impact. CACTUS is committed to the advancement of science through its various businesses and investments in start-ups that are working in this direction and aims to continue creating more such associations.

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About Cactus Communications

Founded in 2002, Cactus Communications ( is a technology company accelerating scientific advancement. CACTUS solves problems for researchers, universities, publishers, academic societies, and life science organisations through innovative products and services developed under the brands Editage, Cactus Life Sciences, Researcher.Life, Impact Science, UNSILO, Paperpal and Cactus Labs. CACTUS has offices in Princeton, London, Aarhus, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, and Mumbai; a global workforce of over 3,000 experts; and customers from over 190 countries. CACTUS is considered a pioneer in its workplace best practices and has been consistently ranked a great place to work over the last several years. 

About Mind the Graph 

Mind the Graph is a SAAS platform that enables users to create beautiful and effective science figures. It was founded by the joint efforts of a Life Science Researcher and a Graphical Designer. The focus of the platform is to create products that empower scientists, fostering the design of impactful high-quality infographics with pre-assembled scientifically accurate illustrations available in an online platform. The platform also provides design services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, helping improve understanding and adoption of healthcare products.


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