Writing a scientific paper? Check our graphical abstract templates

Writing a scientific paper? Check our graphical abstract templates

Writing a scientific paper is an very important step of scientific life. After all, you need to communicate well the results you get after years of hard work. You can have new data, but you need to show off in an attractive way. Some researches still strugle to organize, summarize and write all their work over the years. If this is your case, you don’t need to be ashamed of it. Unfortunately, scientists normally aren’t trained to communicate.

Besides writing, graphical abstracts are more important now than ever. You can think that this is a good thing for communicate in science or you can hate the ideia. After all, is more work to do and we are not designers (At least I am not). While several scientific maganizes ask for graphical abstracts, we try to create an image that reflects our work in a professional way. You can not spend several years studying a subject and then explain it to the world in an unprofessional and even childish way. You probably agree with me. But the most important is how. How can I create a professional graphical abstract that reflects my hard work and beloved data?





If you are a mind the graph user, you probably know that we have the biggest library of scientific illustrations. There are over eight thousands of accurate scientific illustrations to you visualize your research and make it eye-catching.


But, as I was saying, we are not designers and sometimes illustrations are not enough. We need to combine then and add text, charts, colors and everything else. And that is why we are not only a library with scientific illustrations. We are an online platform easily to use that allows you create you graphical abstract from scratch.

Besides all the tools and features we provide, you also will find graphical abstract templates on mind the Graph. This way you don’t need to start from a blank canvas. You can also visualize all our graphical abstract templates  to get inspired. Take a look at a few examples:

Pharmacology templates:


Cell biology templates:


Botany templates: 


Medical templates: So, how could I as a medical doctor create attractive figures to explain the treatment to my patients? How do I create interesting schemes or charts for my classes, presentations and research papers?


You can see all the information on our platform, start for free and give a try. And the end of the day we hope help scientists to communicate their science to the world.

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