Want to get visibility for your research but don’t know how? Well, indeed it can be quite tricky.

I am a scientist too, so I understand the struggles we have communicating scientific findings. I have always dreamt about a “Science Facebook” in which we could share results and new findings in a more visual way. Crazy? Well, this is sort of the idea behind Mind the Graph.

Ok, so you already know Mind the Graph wants to empower scientists by helping them making their own graphical abstracts – without any design professional help.

Awesome, but at our platform you also have your own profile. At your profile, you can decide if your creations will be public or private. Here is the button that you can find at “My creations” session:

Get visibility for your research with us!

The creations you want to be public can be customized by putting titles, descriptions and keywords. After doing that, your creations will automatically be indexed on Google and can be found online!

You didn’t even know you had a profile at Mind the Graph? No worries, I will explain it step by step.

1. Go to your profile and update your personal information

You can customize your own picture and personal information. That way, other scientists can see who you are and what you have been up to at Mind the Graph.

Get visibility for your research with us!

2. Only your public creations will be available at your profile

For each public creation, you can customize the information as you please! But make sure you choose well the words to describe your creation – that way, Google indexing will be more efficient and you will get visibility easier.

Get visibility for your research with us!


Get visibility for your research with us!

3. You are ready to go!

You can use your profile to share with collegues or to show your work as an online presentation. An amazing example we have is a Zika virus graphical abstract from the paper “Zika virus impairs growth in human neurospheres and brain organoids” published in Science Magazine and made at Mind the Graph platform.

Get visibility for your research with us!

Get visibility for your research with us!

Are you still struggling a bit with making your own creations? That’s ok, we have something to give you a hand.Get visibility for your research with us!


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