Many scientific journals are asking for graphical abstracts to publish articles. A graphical or pic abstract (as a picture is worth a thousand words) helps the reader to understand the main information at first glance.

Different journals have different rules for the graphical abstract and this can make the publication process even harder. So, to help you in this process, we’ve made a tutorial on how to make a graphical abstract for Elsevier.

Graphical Abstract For Elsevier

对一个人的期望的总结 图形化摘要:

"图表式摘要应使读者迅速了解论文的主要信息,旨在鼓励浏览,促进跨学科的学术研究,并帮助读者更快地确定哪些论文与他们的研究兴趣最相关。 Authors must provide an image that clearly represents the work described in the paper. A key figure from the original paper, summarizing the content can also be submitted as a graphical abstract.”

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That’s a good example of a graphical abstract of a scheme illustrating the research findings from a paper.

Reference: Y.Z. Paterson, N. Evans, S. Kan, A. Cribbs, F.M.D. Henson, D.J. Guest, The transcription factor scleraxis differentially regulates gene expression in tenocytes isolated at different developmental stages, Mechanisms of Development, Volume 163, 2020,103635, ISSN 0925-4773,

What Is An Abstract?





There’s often a strict word limit, so make sure to check the requirements of the journal. That being said, here’s an under-300-word abstract sample from a study in the field of medicinal sciences:

"西南地区的灌木杜松(Juniperus communis)(杜松子)在美国本土文化中具有许多重要的药用价值,但没有得到科学的证明。除了解毒作用外,杜松果实的一个流行用途是其驱赶昆虫的潜力。这项研究的重点是利用其通过蒸汽蒸馏获得的精油开发驱虫剂。收集50克新鲜浆果并干燥5天,然后将其放入一个装有100毫升水的蒸馏罐中,使用Flinn Scientific Borosilicate实验室套件进行蒸馏。收集提取的油,将70%稀释在三个独立的容器中,转入喷瓶。测试时,将稀释后的样品喷入玻璃瓶中的Anopheles juidthae(常见的NM蚊子),并与商用驱虫剂的效果进行比较。在测试和比较结果后,商业驱虫剂明显显示,与J. communis稀释的精油相比,它是一种更好的驱虫剂。然而,该精油也具有驱虫潜力"。

With the abstract text example understood, let’s dive into how to create a graphical abstract… (see examples below and a few templates on our website).

Find more examples in our template gallery.

Creating A Graphical Abstract Using Mind The Graph

On our platform, you will find all the necessary tools to create your graphical abstract. In this video you can see step-by-step how to create your own graphical abstract for Elsevier:

Instructions To Create A Graphical Abstract For Elsevier

A graphical abstract should be a one-image file to help visualize a single process clearly and descriptively. For ease of consumption, the graphical abstract should have a clear start and end, preferably “reading” from top to bottom or left to right. Try to minimize distraction and remove cluttering elements as much as possible. 这里有几个图形摘要的例子来帮助你理解。

图像大小: Provide an image with a minimum of 531 x 1328 pixels (HxW) using a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If you are submitting a larger image then please use the same ratio (200 high x 500 wide). Please note that your image will be scaled proportionally to fit in the available window on ScienceDirect; a 500 by 200-pixel rectangle.


文件类型文件类型:首选文件类型为TIFF、EPS、PDF或MS Office文件。

Graphical abstract example created for Annals of Surgery.

不应包括额外的文字、大纲或概要。任何文字或标签必须是图像文件的一部分。请不要在图像文件中使用不必要的空白或 "图形摘要 "标题。

Create your Graphical Abstract for Elsevier with Mind the Graph

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