Tutorial video: Building a digestive system

Tutorial video: Building a digestive system

This tutorial video shows how you can build a digestive system in mind the graph. You won’t have to start from scratch. Thus, it will be easier to create something flashy and interesting to communicate your research, spending less time. We turn scientists into designers to increase their impact!

Learn in this video tutorial below, how to create digestive system scientific illustration in Mind The Graph.


It is very simple to use the infographic maker as you can see in our tutorial video.

Choose the best illustrations from your field, change colors and background and it’s done! The tutorial video has visual tips to help you use colors, illustrations and charts to turn your data into visuals that tell a clear story.

So, if you are a subscriber just go to our gallery and choose the best template for you. Also you can select a template inside your workspace. This way you can try different styles and select your favorite.
If you aren’t a subscriber, you can use the templates as an inspiration to your creation or invest a few dollars to have access to all mind the graph features.

Therefore, the idea of ​​the platform is that you can have total autonomy to be able to better communicate your research. Thus, every inch of the image will have the necessary information.

And if you can’t watch the entire video right now, don’t worry! We have separated the main tips below:

building a digestive system part 1 building a digestive system part 2

   building a digestive system part 3building a digestive system part 4

building a digestive system part 5   

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