If you need scientific illustrations, here is the place, we have literally thousands of scientific illustrations for you, including several topics in Biology, Life Sciences, Health Sciences and Medicine.  

This is a collection of  illustrations recently requested by clients, in this case, everything related to scientists portrait. Great for Science history and to illustrate certain discoveries, in this case the area of infectology and coronavirus research.

Check a few examples of scientific illustrations already available on Mind the Graph. And even if you don’t find exactly what you need in the platform, try to subscribe to use the on demand scientific illustration service.

Illustrations of laboratory procedures

Hydrogel seeding, pipeting, mouse paw edema test, hand plate assembly, Li-Cor Odissey infrared scanner. Related keywords: laboratory, science, pipette, biology, test, research, lab, scientific, medical, experiment, chemistry, equipment, health, pipet, analysis, dna, doctor, scientist, chemical, medicine, liquid, blue, bio, white, hospital, biotechnology, gloves, technology, professional, analyzing, sample, woman, clinic, drop, pharmacy, blood, pipetting, work, solution, student, tube, technician, glasses, genetic, coat, healthcare, discovery, person, care, close
Scientific illustrations: Hydrogel seeding, pipeting, mouse paw edema test, hand plate assembly, Li-Cor Odissey infrared scanner

I wanna use medical scientific illustrations from Mind the Graph. How can I do that?

Mind the Graph is an online platform that allows scientists and teachers to create their own presentations, papers and graphical abstracts in an attractive and professional way. So, you can try it for free and check all the scientific illustrations available.

You can also combine the figures with shapes, charts, text and upload your own images to make an entire presentation, a graphical abstract or a scientific infographic. You can be a free user as long as you want but you will have limited features.

With a few dollars per month you can experience unlimited features as a subscriber. In addition, you will be able to request new illustrations at no extra cost. In fact, most of our illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers.

May I use these illustrations on my publications?

Yes. Our goal is to improve communication in science and help scientists and doctors to communicate their results in an understandable and eye-catching way. You can use your creations in your papers, classes, books, social media and anything you want. If you are a free user, you must keep the watermark and cite mind the graph in your publication. Now, if you are a subscriber you don’t need to cite us (But would be great if you do it)!

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