Mind the Graph upgrade: New features to create presentation slides for scientific purposes

Mind the Graph upgrade: New features to create presentation slides for scientific purposes

Mind the Graph is a platform with thousands of scientific illustrations that allows you to create graphical abstracts, infographics and posters. Besides that, you can create presentation slides with unlimited slides for your classes, presentations or lab seminars. Mind the Graph is a tool to improve science communication. We are very proud when our users present their work in scientific congress using our platform.

I wrote about how to do scientific presentation here. But in this post I will focus on the presentation feature because it had an awesome upgrade. Now it’s easier to create and present your data!

What is new

You can duplicate a slide or crete a new one starting from a blank canva. These features were available on the previous version too, but they were updated and improved.


You can visualize better your set of slides and put zoom on it.


Also, now you can name your presentation.


But, the major improvement is the possibility of present directly from your creation on Mind the Graph platform. You can also download in .pdf or .png if you want to. However, to present using Mind the Graph is now one click away.


Examples of presentation slides created on Mind the Graph


 It is always better to display data using an organized and beautiful slide. The images are a powerful tool to help people understand your work in a clearly way. Below you can see the slides with mind the graph illustrations and the charts with the data. You can upload your own images to mind the graph and use them combined with the illustrations. Look how clear and beautiful is the final result:





We provide several templates, so our users don’t need to start from a blank canvas. We know that sometimes isn’t easy to combine illustrations, text and colors. But the arrangement is very important to create professional presentations and graphical abstracts. Free users can visualize the templates but not edit them. If you are a free user, you can use the template as an inspiration to your creation or upgrade your plan to have access to all features of Mind the Graph. Subscribers can use as many templates as they want with and the price starts from 9,00 USD.


How to make a presentation slides using Mind the Graph

Create multiple slides is a feature available only to subscribers. If you aren’t a Mind the graph subscriber yet, you can start now with only 9USD. The premium account has unlimited features, so, besides creating scientific presentation slides, you can also create unlimited graphical abstracts, request new scientific illustrations at no extra cost and so on. You can see more benefits here. 


mind the graph scientific illustrations


Mind the Graph Demo 4

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