Images of circulatory system diseases like heart lesions are very useful for patient and parent understanding of underlying problems and the treatments. They need to understand the medical information, so the treatment can be sucessful. However, we know that it’s very difficult to communicate visually. You need the right resources and skills.  It is not easy to find good illustrations of cardiology. Besides that, infographic design is not something we learn in the medical school and graphical designers or illustrations are not around every time.

So, how could I as a medical doctor create attractive figures to explain the treatment to my patients? How do I create interesting schemes or charts for my classes, presentations and research papers?

Mind the Graph is an online platform where you can do this all. And most important, you don’t need to learn graphic design from zero. It’s an infographic maker for doctors and scientists.

So, you don’t have to spend time looking for figures on the internet anymore. Also, you are aware that stealing someone else’s figures will render copyright problems. To understand the risks of using pictures from Google on your presentations, classes and papers, look at this article. Don’t expose yourself to this risk. Beyond that, most illustrations found on look don’t look professional and can compromise your work.

Today I will focus on illustrations of cardiology. However, you can find a great content of other medical fields on our blog:

Now, take a look at some illustrations of cardiology available on Mind the Graph:

preview_78349 (2)preview_79053 (1)


And if you miss any illustration, don’t worry! We make new illustrations based on requests from our subscribers. Thus, why not start today improving you communication? Give better classes and presentations and get more views for your papers.




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