Science might be a nightmare to most of us. And it’s not our fault because we didn’t get the chance to learn science in the right way. Yes! The science we learned in school was more theoretical and failed to answer millions of questions, be it in Newton’s law or space-related concepts. But with advanced technology, the internet, and social media, we are fortunate to learn different scientific concepts with their ins and outs. 

And here’s some good news! We have curated a list of Youtube channels about science that could help you understand scientific concepts better and make science your strong forte. Read along the article to know about popular Youtube channels that can make science your favorite subject.

1. Big Think

If I say that you can learn a variety of stuff such as Artificial Intelligence, Space-Time Relativity, and even Human Culture and its Psychology, all in one place that too from experts in that field, would you believe me?

Well, it’s true. Big Think, founded by Victoria Brown and Peter Hopkins, does teach you all that. This is one of the leading educational content channels with expert-driven sources that aim to make you smarter, the faster possible.

2. Crash Course

With a whopping subscriber count of 14 Million, Crash Course is the place that you want to go to if you wish to pass your exams easily. 

Started in 2006 by brothers Hank Green and John Green, Crash Course offers a wide variety of videos on subjects like World History, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, and the list goes on. 

Their speciality is the 2D animation style of teaching which proves to be quite engaging and more fun than boring lectures.

3. Veritasium

Veritasium – The element of Truth started by Derek Muller in 2010 is a factual science channel based solely on the information given by the people who were involved in a particular incident.

As the name suggests, this explores scientific incidents or scientific objects based on truth and Derek goes to a great extent to uncover it. More than this, he uses 3D Animation to break down complex concepts into a much simpler and understandable format.

4. Minute Physics

Ever felt Physics to be boring and difficult to understand? Well, Minute Physics is here to make you fall in love with the subject.

Started in 2011 by Henry Reich, this channel has a tremendous following of 5.5 Million and is perfect for those who opted to learn Physics in a more simple and fun way.

Teaching complex concepts of Physics in under 5 minutes, that too in a handwritten format with pictures, this YouTube channel has registered its place among the best youtube channels about science.

5. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Well,  the name might be tough to pronounce but their content is easier to understand. Presented in an animation form, their videos are unique and make you go in awe.

With a huge following of 20 Million subscribers, Kurzagesagt, meaning “in a nutshell” in German was started in 2012 by a group of illustrators and animators who aim to make this the one-stop-channel that can teach you almost anything about science from Space and Scientific Experiments to Evolution.

6. Vsauce

Having a big fanbase of 18 Million subscribers, Vsauce is a one-man show run by Michael Steven where he explores the questions that each of us must’ve had in our life. Michael Steven found this channel in 2010 with the sole purpose of answering unanswered questions.

 In this channel, he takes up a unique concept on each video and explores the nook and corner of it, unraveling all the answers layer by layer whilst conversing in a friendly manner which gives us the feeling that we are listening to a friend. 

7. Be Smart

In our day-to-day life, we all have simple questions on our mind that we gradually push away like “How igloo keeps us warm as that too is made of ice”. Be Smart is here to answer those simple yet thoughtful questions.

Started in 2012 by Joe Hanson, Be Smart has a subscriber count of 4 Million and aims to solve simple daily questions in a more innovative and intriguing way using graphics and animations. 

8. Sick Science

Do you remember the science experiments back in your school? They are the reason most of us loved science. Isn’t it? So here is a channel that focuses on learning through experimentation. In Sick Science, you’ll learn some homemade experiments and know the science behind them by practically testing them.

In 2007, Steve Sprangler got this crazy idea of educating science through experiments and he never stopped since then. 

9. SciShow

Hank Green started SciShow in 2011 which answers the weirdest and most counterintuitive questions that our elders ignored. SciShow is a fun and interactive channel that explores unexpected topics and delves into scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us more curious.

10. AsapScience

In 2012, two guys – Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown decided to teach science in a fun and unique way and that’s how they came up with the idea of AsapScience, a YouTube channel made solely to make science make sense.

In this channel, they practically implement scientific facts like “why we get tired often” and they also give a solution on how to fix it. This YouTube channel has engaging content and hooks the viewers through its mind-boggling videos.

And the list ends with this. We hope you learned a great deal of content from the above-mentioned channels which genuinely teach unique content about science. Subscribe to these channels and get your daily dose of scientific knowledge on various concepts.

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