Visual resources are powerful to communicate better in science. Scientific illustrations are a good example of it. Using illustrations you can show details, explain process and pathways and your audience can visualize what you are saying. Also, illustrations cause  less impact than a photography. So, you can use them to explain surgeries or medical procedures, for example. Amazing, right? However, sometimes isn’t easy to find accurate scientific illustrations.

Thinking about it, we created Mind the Graph, an online platform to improve communication in science. On our platform you can find over 8.000 scientific illustrations available. It is a huge library of images to help scientists. Also, we make on demand illustrations based on requests from our subscribers.

If you are a Mind the Graph user you probably already know all this. Also, you probably have your favorite illustration, right?

Now you can have your own library of scientific illustrations on Mind the Graph

So your top 5, top 10 or top 50 are just one click away. It is easy to choose and find your favorites. Take a look at this tutorial:

You can click on the illustration on canvas and then click on the star icon:


Or you can select illustrations directly from the icons menu:

preview_130491 (1)

Now, the illustrations you chose will be always available in your personal library:

preview_130491 (2)

And if I need a different illustration?

Most of our illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers. So, if you miss any illustrations you can request it at no extra cost. Amazing, right? The premium plan has unlimited features. 

I requested an illustration. Where can I find it?

When the illustrations are ready, they become available on our platform. If you requested an illustration, you will receive an email letting you know that your request ir ready. But now these illustrations are added to your personal library, so you can find them in an easier way.

Start today creating your personal library. And feel free to send us your feedback and top illustrations:

mind the graph scientific illustrations


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