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Electromagnetic fields around neurons play a role in physiological and pathological processes, including cell-to-neuron communication

Jasmina Isakovic and colleagues (2018) report that neuroinflammation is one of the central elements in the majority of pathological processes in the nervous tissue.

A new model of the action potential propagation through axial and longitudinal current flow precisely quantifies and describes the nature of time-varying electromagnetic fields generated around neurons.

They propose the existence of a time-varying inhomogeneous electromagnetic field around axons which results from the variability in the current flow.

The research involved 4 mice with stroke.

Check the original article here.

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The author applied the Mind the Graph illustrations to explain the process of inhomogeneous electromagnetic fields in the nervous system.

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Since all major processes in the nervous system depend on interactions between cells and nerve fibers, he used infographics to explain in detail every step.

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Some of the authors’ results may substantiate earlier work in this field: “The theoretical basis of our new model can be found in works by Kirschiving et al and Nordenstrom et al.

In their paper titled “Magnetite biomagnetization in the human brain”, Kirschivink et al described that throughout the CNS, “white blood cells behave like magnetic microparticles in plasma”,” Isakovic argued.

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