Arctic Sea Ice Thinning, in the Fast Lane

sea ice arctic
The Arctic is thinning two times faster than expected. An updated model suggests that the sea ice along the coasts of the Arctic is thinning two times faster than expected. Nature is deteriorating with increasing global warming and climatic changes.…Read more

Measuring Soil Macronutrients With a Tongue

tongue macronutrients
How to measure macronutrients in the soil? Fortunately, no one needs to lick soil to measure the nutrients present in it. Scientists like Dr. Maria L. Braunger and Dr. Antonio Riul Jr are working on an electronic tongue to do…Read more

How to Create an Infographic (and any other science figure)

how to create an infographic
Create the best version of any science figure How to create an infographic? There are no rules or a fixed protocol on how to do that, but there are some steps that you can follow that will facilitate your process…Read more

Ayahuasca: History and Compounds Analysis

history Ayahuasca
In the last few years, the interest in what is the psychoactive tea Ayahuasca has been largely growing. The scientific community and the general public had been discovering the tea due to its apparent benefits for psychiatric disorders.  Ayahuasca has…Read more

The Three Main Pillars Infographics

infographic pillars
Regarding creating an infographic there are no rules. Not even an absolute truth. You can create basically anything for an infographic. There is no “never do that” or “this is wrong”. The most important thing we must keep in mind…Read more

Napping Time Genetics: How Taking a Nap Can Influence Genetic Variation

Napping Time Genetics
A napping time during the day is most of the individual’s guilty pleasure. Most of the time it is also a habit inculcated in daily routine. It’s very common in many species from flies to mammals. Napping is also associated…Read more

Urban Computing: Facing the Big Challenges of Big Cities

urban computing big cities
Nowadays, big cities face big issues such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and energy consumption. These big issues in big cities can be tackled by using big data (which means treatment of large volumes of data). It is precisely what…Read more

SIRIUS: The Brightest Star in Brazil

synchrotron light sirius
Named after the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is one of the first fourth-generation synchrotron light sources in the world and is located in the city of Campinas in São Paulo state, Brazil. The most complex and the…Read more

Microscopy: How Scientists Use Fluorescence To See Inside Cells

cell image microscope fluorescence
A great part of the scientist’s routine is to design and perform experiments. The combination of laboratory techniques will answer most of the questions proposed by scientists, and the workflow to suggest new methods depends on the scientist’s background and…Read more

Hardships Faced by Researchers in Life-Science After Covid

research covid pandemic
Over a period of one year, the world has changed forever. COVID pandemic is giving hard times to sectors like healthcare, epidemiological studies, economy, and manufacturers all over the world. Research scientists are not spared from the impact. In fact,…Read more

How to create a graphical abstract for Elsevier – 2021 edition

Elsevier graphical abstract
In the last couple of years, the number of journals that request a graphical abstract to submit a paper has increased, which is expected because communicating science through a visual way has become each day more essential, for better understanding…Read more