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What is Visual Abstract and how to make one in the easiest way

What is visual abstract and how to make one
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Research paper: how to write from scratch in 5 easy steps

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Mind the Graph and 3D Protein Imaging

mind the graph 3d
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Cell Press: What you need to know + 5 tips for creating a graphical abstract

cell press
Graphical abstracts and Cell Press If we stop for a second and analyze, graphical abstracts are very recent initiatives, being applied not more than a decade.  We can affirm that the main goal of a graphical abstract is to deliver…Read more

Andropogon virginicus: Invasive weed that could treat human diseases

Andropogon virginicus
The plant The active component of Andropogon virginicus seems to be capable of reducing complications related to diabetes and cancer, according to research from around the world. Invasive weeds like Andropogon virginicus jeopardize agricultural production and economic growth worldwide. As…Read more

Motivational Tactics: The Math Behind the Reward System

motivational reward
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Mind the Graph Experience: Nature Edition

mind the graph nature
Nature Special Edition Welcome, everyone! Welcome to this very special edition of Mind the Graph Experience in our blog! In Mind the Graph Experience Blog articles, you are going to see science figures from published articles created using the platform…Read more

Young sea turtles trapped by plastic: Evolutionary Trap

turtles plastic
Turtles and plastic A study shows that plastic pollution traps young sea turtles over time.  Infant sea turtles leave beaches to raise themselves on the ocean floor after hatching. In addition, over time, these currents have accumulated an increasing amount…Read more

Nature and graphical abstracts?

nature graphical abstract
Graphical Abstracts and Nature Chemistry Presenting scientific articles in a new and innovative way to readers has been one of the scientific publishers’ main goals in the web technologies era. And graphical abstracts are a great way to accomplish that.…Read more