The RT-PCR Test for Coronavirus

The RT PCR Test for Coronavirus
From many things that you have heard about COVID-19 in 2020, one thing in the midst of it all is the test used to detect if someone is contaminated with the virus, the famous RT-PCR test or only PCR. Surely,…Read more

Why students are using infographics to find the right school?

 Students looking for a higher education institution would probably all use the same word to describe the experience: overwhelming. There are endless factors to consider when selecting a school: rankings, graduate outcomes, student demographics, faculty members, available programs and courses,…Read more

Demystifying climate change through scientific data

Climate change is still a controversial subject. Sometimes scientific evidences fade out faced personal opinions and polemic talks. We believe every discussion about need to be based on we already know as society, based on science. So, this post has a…Read more
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