Do you need to create a primates family tree? Or something else related to primates? Use Mind the Graph illustrations to create exactly what you need.

Primates Family Tree

At Mind the Graph platform there are many ready primates illustrations and available for you to use at your science figure.

Mind the Graph Gallery has many visually appealing figures for your research, with 40 000+ scientifically accurate illustrations in 80+ popular fields. If you need an illustration, you can find it at Mind the Graph. 

Still, if you did not find what you need or if you need a very specific illustration, you can request a personalized illustration, and Mind the Graph illustration team will design it for you. All you need to do is to fill Mind the Graph Request an Icon form, inside your workspace, with a brief explanation and a reference image. Within a week you will get your personalized illustration.  To see a tutorial on “How to request a custom illustration?” click here.

Boring cladograms? NO MORE! Use Mind the Graph’s awesome illustrations and give life to your research.


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