Founded in 2016, Mind the Graph has emerged as the leading platform for scientific infographics in recent years. The platform aims to empower scientists by providing them with scientifically accurate illustrations for impactful science figures, graphical abstracts, and infographics. This exciting new partnership with Adobe will empower all Adobe Express users to provide high-quality scientific figures to the research community, students, and the life sciences industry. Learn more about it in this enticing blog post.

What Is An Add-on?

Adobe Express add-ons are similar to plugins or extensions that extend the functionality of the Adobe Express app. The add-ons are additional software components that can provide new features and tools to assist you in your projects. Science Illustrations by Mind the Graph Add-on builds a bridge between Adobe Express users and the world’s largest scientifically-accurate illustrations set for a basic monthly fee.

Get Scientifically Accurate Illustrations Directly From Your Design Tool

The integration will allow Adobe Express subscriber users to directly access Mind the Graph’s powerful gallery within the familiar Adobe Express interface, streamlining the creative process, and enabling users to seamlessly switch between crafting stunning scientific visuals and building informative knowledge graphs, all in one place.

The Mind the Graph add-on goes a step further by ensuring that all new illustrations added to the Mind the Graph gallery, including the requested ones, are instantly available to Adobe Express subscribers. And for those who like great deals, it’s also possible to get a huge discount by choosing the annual subscription.

Benefits Of The Partnership Between Mind The Graph And Adobe

The partnership between Mind the Graph and Adobe heralds a significant leap forward for creators and designers worldwide. With the recent launch of an exclusive add-on for Adobe, users gain unprecedented access to Mind the Graph’s extensive library of scientifically-accurate illustrations. This collaboration seamlessly integrates Mind the Graph’s meticulously crafted visuals into Adobe’s suite of design tools, empowering users to enhance their projects with unparalleled scientific precision and clarity.

From researchers and educators to graphic designers and content creators, the benefits are manifold. Users can now effortlessly incorporate scientifically-backed imagery into their work, elevating the quality and authenticity of their presentations, publications, and designs. This partnership not only streamlines the creative process but also ensures that accuracy and credibility remain paramount in visual storytelling across diverse fields.

How To Get Started?

To easily use the Mind the Graph add-on science illustrations, follow these simple steps:

  1. On an Adobe Express creation, click on the “add-on” button at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Type “Science Illustrations” in the search bar or simply scroll down to find it.
  3. To proceed with the installation, click on the “Install” button.

Now, you can search by keywords or categories and access over 75,000 scientifically accurate illustrations in over 80 popular fields. All you have to do is drag and drop your chosen illustration onto the page and voila! It’s that easy!

Future Developments

Looking ahead, the partnership between Mind the Graph and Adobe holds immense promise for future developments that will revolutionize the landscape of visual communication. With Mind the Graph committed to launching new illustrations every month, the integration within Adobe’s platform paves the way for a continuously expanding library of scientifically-accurate visuals at users’ fingertips. This ongoing collaboration opens avenues for innovation and creativity, empowering creators to stay at the forefront of their respective fields. As the partnership evolves, we anticipate introducing advanced features and functionalities that further enhance the user experience, such as customizable templates, interactive elements, and seamless integration with Adobe’s latest technologies. Together, Mind the Graph and Adobe are poised to redefine the standards of visual storytelling, offering users unprecedented tools to communicate complex ideas with clarity, accuracy, and impact.

A Complete Tool For Creating Infographics And Scientific Communication

We are proud to say that Mind the Graph has the largest scientifically-accurate illustration gallery in the world, with over 75,000 options available in +80 fields of study, and counting. The library is carefully curated to meet the needs of researchers, educators, and professionals across different fields, including biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, and more. Each illustration is crafted with precision and attention to detail to accurately represent scientific concepts and data. 

By combining Mind the Graph’s scientifically-accurate illustrations with Adobe’s powerful design tools, users are equipped with an unparalleled resource to elevate their creative projects across various industries. As both entities continue to innovate and collaborate, the future holds boundless opportunities for further enhancements and developments. Together, they are not only shaping the way we communicate complex ideas but also setting new standards for accuracy, authenticity, and creativity in visual storytelling. With a commitment to ongoing evolution and expansion, this partnership is poised to leave a lasting impact on the way we perceive and interact with information in the digital age.


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