Coffee, is it good or bad for our health? This kind of question is not very easy to answer because of the complexity of our diet, and the difficulty to isolate the different effects of each food. The only way to isolate them is to analyze a huge amount of people and for a long period, like decades.

Finally, we have this kind of study for coffee, and with very good news for those who can´t live without the hot beverage: to drink a lot of it can give you more life time.

The consumption of up to 5 cups of coffee lower the risk of premature death by up to 15% in comparison to people who don´t drink it. And people who drink it in a considerable amount, more than 5 cups a day, had no association with mortality risk.

Now go celebrate the good news with five good cups of coffee and sharing this infographic with those coffee-addicted friends of yours.


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