The scientist stereotype

The scientist stereotype

The world is driven by stereotypes. Thus, it is no surprise that in the science world, we have a scientist stereotype too.

This stereotype brings many statements. Such as:

  • Science is difficult/boring
  • Scientists are weirdos/nerds
  • Only scientists understand science

As scientists, we know that those facts are not true. They are only part of the scientist stereotype. However, we can’t blame people for thinking like that. The media is daily building a typo that quite often does not match the reality.



Well, if we are not the scientist stereotype. Who are we? Who is the real scientist?

The scientist stereotype

Most of us are young scientists, passioned about what we do and excited about finding the answers to our questions.

But more important than that, we are regular people who like a little humour. If there is one thing I can point out about scientists, is that we have sense of humour. Otherwise, how would we come up with ideas like these:

Dr. Carin Bondar – Biology with a twist



Sketching Science

The scientist stereotype


Neil deGrasse Tyson twitter

The scientist stereotype


The funny thing is that we hardly think about science communication in our daily life. Most humorist science websites were made only to be funny and entertain. Simple as that.
However, by making science funnier, we made it easier to understand too. This way, lay people started to approach the science world.

From Facebook pages to science tv shows, the scientist stereotype is starting to fade. People are taking the first steps to understand science, and guess what? They are liking it.

Indeed, there is still scientific publishing and the academia that demand a more professional behavior. However, even there you can see that scientist find a little joy in small actions.

The scientist stereotype

Can you imagine if we could make everything about science easy to undestand as a funny pun?


Science communication is already getting updated. Maybe you should try to keep up.

The scientist stereotype

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