Scientists are known for their poorly made presentations and posters. However, our degrees do not teach us to make science beautiful and simple. On the contrary, our scientific journey teaches us complicated words and difficult techniques that only science-instructed people would understand. In addition, among all tools available online there are only a few considered scientific tools.

Mind the Graph is the first tool from scientists to scientists that cares about having a workspace where any person can login and build their our scientific presentation. Even though we have many free figures online and tools that help us making a presentation, Mind the Graph is the first to combine both in a clever way.reproduction structure of a flowerOne of the best aspects about Mind the Graph is the user freedom to build and put together illustrations. For exemple, at Mind the Graph you can build your own reproduction structure of a flower. In the same line of thought, we have animal and plant cells illustrations that enables the user to put all organelles the way they please. Mind the Graph is always innovating and trying to understand what a researcher would like to do with scientific illustrations.

Being able to put together the reproduction structure of a flower and highlith different parts of it is the type of feature we believe is a clever way to empower researchers in communicating their own work.

Reproduction structure of a flower

Apart from this, we are constantly increasing our illustration library. At Mind the Graph scientists can find more than 3000 scientific illustrations available for free and malleable to the user needs. If you look for an specific illustration and they are not availabre, just subscribe as a Premium user and request as many illustrations as you want via our on demand service.

Reproduction structure of a flower

Mind the Graph worries about empowering scientists and helping them to improve science communication. If you can build your own reproduction structure of a flower, imagine what else you can do! Start now and get all benefits of our platform!


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