Hello again! As you may know, every week we add new illustrations to our library. This week we had a huge improvement on our section of life science illustrations.

We know that isn’t easy to find accurate and attractive images to illustrate our research. So our goal is to help scientists and improve communication in science.

These illustrations and other thousands ones are available at mind the graph. You can create a free account and check out all them.

 Life science illustrations

Immune receptors

We added four new immune receptors to our collection. Thus it is easier to create an immune response pathway. You can combine them with other receptors, proteins, cell membranes and biological elements to create your graphical abstract.

immune receptors

IOPI device

The IOPI measures the strength of the tongue by measuring the maximum pressure that an individual can produce by pressing an air-filled bulb. We have now three illustrations showing three different positions of the iopi in the mouth.

iopi tongue

Teeth steam cells

We also have a complete library on odontology and our newest addition is an illustration to show teeth grown and steam cells.

stem cells odontology

Lipogranuloma in swiss mouse

Lipogranuloma is a granulomatous inflammatory soft tissue reaction, consisting of lipid deposition or a lipidic substance commonly associated with injections, trauma or secondary to systemic diseases. As the swiss mouse are a common animal model, we added three illustrations to show the disease in mouses.



On pharmacology, check out these pathogens infecting cells: Babesia bigemina, Anaplasma platys, Ehrlichia canis, Rickettsia ricketti

cells infection


Cholesterol and cell membrane

Now you can show membrane fluidity using these illustrations. The last one is also useful to create a metabolic pathway with channels and membrane receptors.

cholesterol cell membrane

How can I use these illustrations?

You can use your creations in your papers, classes, books, social media and anything you want. If you are a free user, you must keep the watermark and cite mind the graph in your publication. Now, if you are a subscriber you don’t need to cite us (But would be great if you do it)!  You can stay as a free user as long as you want.

However if you want to have access to all features you should upgrade to an unlimited account.


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